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Book read this weeks (Vamp ones) and NEW books for bookrings

Just finished The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

At 489 pages it is easy to get put off just by its shear size BUT it is an EASY read and fast I read it in two days but unless like me you have 2 hours each way on the train to work, allow a few more. We follow Anton a Night Watchman through his life trying to save a boy from VAmpires, them a girl from a great curse. This is in part one. Then through parts two and three we discover more about the part players and the forces surrounding the girl and the boy Egor. Is the Dark the real enemy? Is his part in the battle (Treaty) between light and Dark as clear cut as it was or are others running the show using the Watches as players in a bigger show.

I really enjoyed the Moscow invented by Mr Lukyanenko and recomend this book to anyone who likes the paranormal. Not a great romance story. More a mystery/action story.

Now on the NEW books avaliable to ring. REMEMBER! I loan out my new books BECAUSE
1. I like to share and get people's opnions on books I think I will enjoy
2. They sit in my floor until I have time to read them
3. I trust Bookcrossers but I trust you MORE if you belong to CLub_Vlad.


Sunlight/Moonlight-Amanda Ashley

His Immortal Embrace-Lynsay Sands/ Sara Blayne/ Kate HUntington

The Ultimatum-Susan Kearney (Witches)

Primal Heat-Susan Sizemore

The Turning-Jennifer Armintrout

Dark Celebration-Christine Feehan (Hard Back so Aussies only Unless I personally know you)

Shadow Warrior-Layla Chase/ Delilah Devlin/ Betty Hanawa/ Myla Jackson

Classic Horror Stories-VArious (B format Papaerback

Shadowmancer-G.P. Taylor

You Slay Me-Katie MacAlister
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