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Banish that Vampire in your cemetery - X-posted

Whilst perusing my huge book of spells, just flicking I read these odd little spells. The book includes many historical spells that it says NOT to try, and they make great reading. Here are some very very old vampire spells.

Get Away Vampire!
Perhaps it is sufficient to banish a vampire, albeit from a great territory than just your private home and presence. Simple enough - provided you have his sock.

1. The vampire's left sock is specifically needed although perhaps this vampire interchanges socks like many people do.
2. Stuff it with graveyard dirt, preferable from his or her own grave, blended with rocks from the cemetery.
3. Toss this outside the limits of the area you wish to protect into running water, flowing away from the area.

How will I get a vampire to give me his sock?

BUT is you want to find a graveyard infested with vampires then we do this.
Vampire Diagnostic Spell
1. place a young virgin boy on to a young virgin black stallion.
2. the boy must rise this horse around the cemetery
3. Should the horse halt at any spot and refuse to go further, suspicions are confirmed.

GREAT! Now I have to find not only a virgin boy and virgin horse as well.

To Avoid a Succubi
*Never Sleep Alone in a empty house
* Don't respond to sexual advances from solitary beautiful, mysterious women who linger alone amist ruins or near deserted frsh water springs.

Basic Vampire Banishing Spell
Lilac Oil reputedly repels Vampires and is certainly more fragrant than Garlic. It's very difficult to find real  Lilac Oil, most of what is avaliable is synthetic; presumably vampires can tell  the difference. Make your own, the lingering aroma should keep the vampire out of the house too.

1. Infuse olive oil with lilac blossoms
2. Rub the oil on the body as needed.

Basic Vampire Banishing spell  (Another one)
1. place fishing nets over the entrance doors and windows of the place you would like to protect.
2.Allegedly the vampire must compulsively count all the knots before entering. He or She will either be caught in the sunlight or simply give up and find another home.

Fishing nets may be replaced or supplemented with sieves; the vampire will be froced to count the holes instead.

I found this interesting as there in another one that says to spread millet seed and the vampire will have to count all the seeds.

Any other historical vampire info??
I din't know that in some traditions that
- Inadequate, improper funeral rites potentially create vampires.
- Bram Stoker conflated his Dracula legend with tales of Vlad the impaler (I knew this). In actual Transylvanian folk-lore, illegitimate sons born outside Church- Sanctioned marriages, are doomed to become Vampires. (Tough break eh?)
- Ukraninan Folk-lore perceives Vampires as inevitable result of Sexual relations between witches and werewolves.
- According to there legends, those born of Christmas Day are potentially future Vampires !!
- Some Spirits are beleived to be innately Vampiric, transending rhyme or reason.

There is a lot more but I have to get to work!
The book for those who need a great reference guide is
The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells by Judika Illes ISBN 0007164653
It didn't cost much and it is HUGE. A great book for a wiccan's or other interested people's library.


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