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A vampire love story!

Let the Right One In.
Set in the snowy cold of the same new suburb in Stockholm where he grew up some 25 years ago, John Ajvide Lindqvist – billed as Sweden's Stephen King – has written a vampire love story that will make you think in a different way about the blood-sucking literary genre.

Oskar lives with his mum in a high rise building in the western suburbs of Stockholm. It's the early eighties and he likes listening to Kiss on his Walkman, solving puzzles -- including the Rubik's cube -- and pasting grisly murder stories from the newspaper into his scrapbook. A victim of bullying, Oskar doesn't have many school friends but is interested in the strange new neighbour next door. Eli introduces herself but she's a little strange -- she smells bad, doesn't feel the cold at all, even in November, and from time to time her hair has a lot of grey.

Soon after Eli's move to Blackeberg a child's body is found hanging from a tree. The media thinks a serial killer is wreaking havoc in the town and affecting everyone's lives, but they're wrong -- it's a vampire.

This extraordinary and powerful novel is part horror, party comedy and mostly love story. A moving, affectionate and, at times, grisly portrait of the agony of growing up and finding love, 'Let the Right One In' may be the most satisfying novel of the year.

Interview from the ABC website

I think this is one to try.
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I attend the local BookCrossing Dublin, California get together on the 2nd Tue of every month and they are always talking about vampire books. Nice to know they are universally loved!