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April's reads- Vampire/paranormal

The past month has been hectic and I have moved away from the past few months on Non-fiction. I have been gravitating back to the light and fluffy. Had the misfortune to read a Katie MacAlister. EEK. You can tell it is dire when I get to her books.


Let the Right One in
No romanc ein this book. It starts on a train with a lone boy travelling with a truck. We then go back to the story that led him to be on this train.
Our 'Hero' is an overweight, unpopular child who gets beaten up almost everyday/ He gets some new and very strange neighbours, a child and an old man.
We also meet a group of drunkc who inadvertenly get involved. The old man goes and hunts for Eli. (Our vampire)
Our hero Oskar, meets with Eli at night and see her as a lonley child just like him.

I will start getting into spoilers but sufise to say that this book is uncomfortable in parts (peodophile zombies and child cruelty) but it is a well written book, horrible and exciting.

Date Me Baby One more time Not a vampire book, but paranormal romance or supposed to be anyway. Very very silly, little or no plot and the world's most ANNOYING Satan. OH PLUUUUEESE There is no charater development and all character whine about the lack of sex in their lives. Avoid this book.

Day Watch

Wonderful!! Just read this. Book 2 of the Night Watch series you have to read book one, I have an international ring going for both books just ask.
Another collection of 3 stories that tie together in the end. Told from the point of view of the Day Watch, we get a better or more rounded view of the Dark warriors. They are not as evil as we were lead to believe in the first book. They are all at the mercy of their leader just as much as the light and they have to place the game and be sacrificed just as the light.
The end was a surpirse.

Well written and just wondeful. I can't wait for book 3

The Vampire Files books 1-3
Set in 1936, our hero (Jack) finds himself on a shore with a man trying to kill him. He has no memory as to how he got there and why he is a target. He gets involved with a private investigator who helps him regain his memory. They get tangled up in the gang scene in Chicago who are horrified that Jack is still alive. (Per say)

The books are not stand alone, you ahve to read the series in order. BUT as they are mostly detective crime, each novellette has its on crime to discover. Fresh and exciting.

Sleeping with the fishes
OK. Has no ending but I think if is going to be a series then the story could improve. The book reads like an intro and is therfore frustrating. I will seek out the next book and see if it get better. Jury out for deliberation.

I'm the Vampire That's Why

Well written if silly. The book goes to the effort to give a history of the characters and this makes the book more well rounded than most in this genre. Patrick our hero vampire is to die for and a fun person to read about. Well worth reading for mind candy.

You Slay Me
If you like mindless drivel or have nothing else to read or you get this for free then go ahead. The men are arrogant but dumb. The females well just dumb. Stupid one dimensional book.

Love Bites
The second prequel to Single White Vampire. Excellent, and exciting. Well written and we actually get to know our characters. It is a standalone book, there are spoilers for the first prequel, A Quick Bite, so I read them in the wrong order, but a terrfic way to spend a few hours. More from this author is im order.
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