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Have been slack

But I managed to read a few books in the past week, Reading for me this year has been on the backburner as my life is a little out of control.

ANYWAY I read the following

Don't Talk back to your Vampire

I liked this one better, the main Character is not as silly as the previous lead lady. Eva seems to be a little more sensible and takes things in her stride to some extent.

Another mind candy book, this one is a great escape but again don't think too hard about it all. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Confessions of a werewolf Supermodel

Book one of a series that will never be finished. The author dies after this book was completed. She died 11th July 2008.BUT

This is not the usual paranormal candy. This book as interesting characters and the herorine is not a simpering maiden in distress. She is confused about her condition and wants to find out what triggers her transformations. She meets a hot cop when girls in the city who look like her start being killed.

A good read and it is very sad that this is the first and last book of the series

Real Vampires Live Large
great series of books, each one is a ball of fun and I have to read them right through so they only last a day. **Sigh**
Nothing really in depth in characters just a fun loving vampire who is trying to run her business and avoid energy vampires. Her boyfriend is away in most of this book and there are little in the way of relationship development.
Open read and enjoy. Don't study it too much. Mind candy!!
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